Does version 2023-1-314 of the SketchUp C API support MacOS 14.0


CPU: Apple M1 Max
OS: macOS 14.0
Xcode: 15.0.1
clang: 15.0.0
cmake: 3.27.7
SketchUp Software Version: 23.1.328
C SDK version: SDK_Mac_2023-1-314

I want know the reason of the following two problems and how to deal with them? Are these issues due to incompatibilities in my system version, dependent versions, or am I misconfigured, or whatever?

Problem 1

I’m trying to build the example project reference the doc(repo sketchup-live-c-api/docs/, but failed while executing cmake --build . --config Debug.

error.txt (14.0 KB)

Problem 2

It’s failed when I running the example code in XCode.(code in SketchUp C API Online Documentation) It build sucessfully but failed while running at the code SUInitialize();.

Configure the demo project reference docs in repo sketchup-live-c-api/docs/

error.txt (2.9 KB)

Moved to the Developer section, you’re more likely to have someone who knows what you’re talking about there.

FYI, SU 23 is not officially supporting Sonoma. Meaning that even though it will launch, and to most people with standard use, it will work fine, it was written for mac os 13.

No idea if Sonoma changed something relating specifically to what you’re trying to do here, but if they did, it’s unlikely you’ll get a “fix” before SU24.

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Problem 1 - Try without debug. (I do not think that Trimble publishes a debug build of SketchUp itself.)

Problem 2 - Make sure to follow the instructions on the main C API page as far as linking for Live use:

  1. It’s same for the cmd cmake --build . --config Release

  2. I want to use standalone to run, and I also need linking for live use? I tried linking SU2023 for live use but it doesn’t work.

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