Does Sculpt Brush in Artisan really "inflate"? I'm having trouble (Solved)

Hello everyone.

[I solved this, apparently there are different “modes” for the sculpt brush. To get to “inflate” mode, you hit tab to toggle through.]

What a great extension.

I am having trouble figuring out how to thicken or “inflate” part of this model I’m working on.

My goal is to 3d print this conch shell, but at around 17mm scale, the lip of this model is not even 1mm thick (see the last photo)., the “lip” of the conch is too thin. I want to simply inflate or thicken parts of this model, just the lip or foot of this conch shell.

I’m very new with Artisan and thought I could use the sculpt brush, but to me, it doesn’t truly inflate because it seems to pull the bottom of the lip of the shell when I try to inflate or push up with the sculpt brush.

I thought maybe SoapSkin bubble would be good to inflate the model but you have to create the group or component with soapskin. Plus, I would not have control over just inflating part of the shell I think.

I’m I using Artisan wrong or is there a way to thicken part of this model?

All I need to do is thicken the lip of this shell to about 2 or 3 times.

Thank you,