Does Make 2017 need license


Do you need to have a Trimble account to use Sketchup Make 2017 ?
I already have a Shop License, but as I have installed Make 2017 I am considering stopping the license, and only using Make.
Is it possible?


You can manage your account in
and edit the plan-settings.

Sorry, I meant if I stop my Sketchup Shop license, will I still be able to use Sketchup Make 2017 ?

2017 Make is a stand alone version. You may be asked to add a license after the pro trial ends(you may have reached that point already) and you just need to click the ‘I Agree’ button to continue using the free version for non commercial use.

Okay, thanks!

Some extra things to know…

To use Make 2017 features doesn’t need you to sign in, until you use certain features. Those include 3D Warehouse, Extension Warehouse, and Add Location. To use those you do need to sign in, and you will want to use the same email and password you were using with Shop.

One important thing though, that sign in window is within SketchUp, and it won’t know your passwords that a browser may have remembered. If you can’t remember the password, check in your browser to see what you use to sign into, and the details will be the same that is needed inside the Make sign in screen.

All right, thank-you for the information.

Sorry for the silly questions, but where can I access the settings of my account (in order to delete it) ?

Which account do you want to delete? If you delete your Trimble ID you won’t be able to use those features in SketchUp Make.

As I also have a freemium account I had supposed that I would be able to use that, no ?
Thanks again.

That will remain active. Everything is tied to the email you use. Your Shop subscription, if it is not renewed or if you get a refund, should not show as being active in your account, but the Free one does (I checked).

Ok, thank-you for your answers!