Does layout have an auto-update model function?


This an operation I am not sure is in layout but would be nice to have an auto update every 5- 10 mins type setting that possibly ties in with Sketchups autosave feature?. Is there a plugin perhaps that could update the model every few minutes?.


Could you elaborate on what you mean? As far as I know, Sketchup updates the viewport with every movement or change in the model.


Yes it does. If you use “Open with SketchUp” in Layout, the model will be updating automatically.


Clarification: The updating will occur automatically if you open the SketchUp file from LayOut using Open with SketchUp as shown by Syroezhkin but it will only update after you manually save the SKP file. It doesn’t update after autosaves. Autosave saves changes to the SKB file, not the SKP file. No changes are made to the SKP file until you save them.

I don’t think you’d really want LO updating viewports every few minutes anyway. That would tie up computer resources.


Thanks - been opening the model separate from Layout