Do you organize lists of things/ people? What program do you use?

I do a veritable crapload of construction management. A couple of years ago, when I lived in a larger city it was more straight forward. The guys with “insert service here” in their company name did “insert service here”.

Here in the middle of nowhere it’s harder. First of all the companies are multi generation family companys that have been known forever, so they’re all just someone’s name and sons. Secondly, they might be well known for removing trees, but they also do asphalt, dig basements, backsplash tile and wedding planning.

I need a better “roladex” as it were. A way to populate a giant list of local contractors that I can assign tags to so that I can click “asphalt” and get all the tile guys, electricians, and wedding planners that also do asphalt and not have to dig through my excel sheets special notes section.

Bonus points go to programs that have apps.
Not opposed to paying for the right program as it would save my brain and effectively speed up the construction management portion of my life.

I use a program called “File Center”. Paperless Office Software for Any Office | FileCenter DMS. It has a layout kinda like a file cabinet.

1 Like is nice for this sort of thing. You can start from scratch or find templates created by the large Notion community.

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I don’t know if it is overkill, but I have been using FileMaker Pro for all my “database” work from listing the books in my library to contact lists to family tree. It doesn’t require programming skills. I have an old version that can also create standalone Windows and Mac runtimes, I understand the current one has the app capacity too.

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I’ve used both Construct Connect and Isqft for this at my day job in the past, though it might be overkill for what you’re doing.

You could also use something like Notion, or even Excel, but you’d have to do something so sort the information by codes, like filters, etc.

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I’ve been using Panorama as a database since 1985.

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