Do you have professional Layout Drawings you can Post?

Wondering if the professional user community would be willing/interested in posting example pages from high level construction document sets. Im working to develop a marketing strategy for proving to the professional design community that Layout does actually exist and that it can turn out drawings that are comparable to any other drafting solution on the market.

If you don’t want to post them here, but are willing to allow to use them in marketing materials you can send a private message for a location to send them to. We are looking for packages or pages that we have permission to publish as examples of great work.


I wanted to add to any that are curious. We are interested in exposing the professional community to the advanced professional capacity of SKU/LO.

Any drawings provided will be posted on and given full attribution w/ links. Additionally, any blogs we write for any platform that have your drawings will also get full attribution with links.j

Help us broadcast the professional level capacity of Sketchup & Layout. The community is the only one that can make this work.

Updated the Drawing Library. If your business is creating great CD’s please consider helping us build a location to show off the best work.