Do I need to be whitelisted?

I’m trying to deploy Sketchup for Schools as part of our 2020 SOE. I’ve added it to our O365 business store, but logging in we get “This app requires an internet connection and looks like we are having trouble connecting right now”, directly after the “Redirecting to your organizations sign-on portal” step.

The machine I’ve been testing on has no firewall restrictions, so I’m pretty sure it’s not that. I’m not sure if we need to be whitelisted - if so, our domain(s) are, and

Can someone provide some advice?

@joy should be able to help

I need to be whitelisted too–domain name



Please whitelist as well.

Thanks @Cotty. @joy, are you able to provide assistance here? I know there are a lot of issues today but we’re not GSuite, not .com/.org/.edu and want to get this resolved for our 2020 deployment.

I don’ t have any insights here, maybe @colin can ping someone if Joy isn’t here at the moment?

I don’t actually know what the symptoms are when someone isn’t white listed, I should ask Steve.

But I do know about the general symptom of getting a message about the Internet connection, with 19.3 in particular. One of the changes was that to check if you’re online SketchUp sees if is there, instead of like it used to be. We’ve had a few cases where Windows users had ironically blocked It would be like blocking on a Chromebook!

Anyway, if you see that message, try opening in a browser, you’ll soon see if this is the cause.

I’m doing all my testing on a machine that has an unfirewalled pipe to the internet, so there’s no issues with regarding being blocked - I’ve confirmed it works fine.

@matt.beamish & @pedroparamo1

I’ve whitelisted the following domains, please let me know if you run into further access issues.

I am having the same issue here. Can you pls whitelist Can someone pls assist, as I need to give this to 350 students.

@SimonS You are all set!

Sorry Steve, same thing happening this morning:

Hi, can you clarify the following:

  • SketchUp needs access on the following ports:
    80, 8888, 8080, and 443
  • For Network Licenses, SketchUp needs access to the following ports:
    5053 and 50530
  • SketchUp needs permission to visit all of the sub-domains for, easily included as:

In this case, which IP ranges would this be coming from? I don’t want to open up ports from all IP sources

@matt.beamish Did you manage to resolve this? I am having the same issue, and they have apparently whitelisted my domain. Not sure why there are so many requirements for this app, including ports etc.

The reconnecting part seems different, but see what I said about how we use to check the Internet connection. Can you open in a new browser window?

Yes, I have tested early on, it works fine and is not blocked.

Hi, can you please contact me regarding this, we are unable to connect.

Hi Steve, we are still unable to connect. Can you advise please.