Do I need plug-ins / extensions for basic commands?

I am relatively new to SU, but cannot seem to easily find icons such as a:

‘search bar’ which I use a lot while getting used to program.
Or **éxplode’'**particularly when first importing my Cad file.?

Do I really need to purchase add ons for these basic features?
I dont mind getting plug ins or add ons but trying to find one that can cater for most.

No. You don’t need plugin or extensions for basic commands.

Explode is in the right click menu, for example.

There is a Search tool in the Getting Started toolbar. Magnifying glass at the left end.

Start with the basics at


Thanks DaveR, will have a look now. I thought I had gone through those options. But will definitely take a look today, thanks.

Remember that the right click menu is selection sensitive, if you want to explode a group or component you have to select one first or explode will not show up in the right click menu…
It’s the same for a lot of other tasks like dividing a line or reverse faces.

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Start with learning SketchUp before adding any plugins, to master the tools first. You’ll most certainly benefit from learning the ins and outs first before installing plugins.


Another source for good tips etc. To help achieve your goals, some time spent on the SketchUp YouTube channel ( will be very worthwhile. The site is also from the SketchUp team. Pay attention to the Square One Series and Level UP series. They cover the basics for each tool.