Help For Noob Please , advice on add in's


Sorry if this is a dumb question still getting my head round sketchup and what it can and cannot do .

I am designing a machine and want to design the parts in sketchup and test to see if they fit prior to manufacturing (similar to inventor ) can somebody advise on what plug ins i need to down load if any



If you are still trying to “get your head round sketchup”, then you should not jump right in and try to design complicated machine parts. First learn the basics of what the native tools can do. Trying to find a plugin to do the work does not help you to learn the tools which will do the work once you know how to use them. Google “Harwood Podcasts - Sketchup”. You will find tutorials on every tool. Once you are more familiar with SU you will find it easy to draw your parts without using a plugin.

Hi Thanks for the reply and advice i am working through the youtube tutorials at the moment .

No doubt ill be back asking for more help

Thanks again


You may be interested in the SimFonIA plugin listed in this subsection Resources.