Divide segments

I can not see the segments dimensions when I divide a line. Still it does divide, also how many segments is shown, but the dimensions doesn’t show anymore.

Anybody…? (Thanks for your time)

Maybe you just need to turn on Endpoints in the Style edge settings?

Or are you referring to a dimension you’ve inserted with the Dimension tool?
Screenshot - 4_28_2021 , 8_02_13 AM

Or are you talking about seeing the length of an actual segment of the divided edge in Entity Info?

I’m not sure what you mean. Doesn’t show where?

It’s that yellow block that is missing when you divide a line. There is shown how many segments and the measurements. Now I only find the segmentnumber below.

The tooltip next to the cursor? Are you hovering in one spot long enough for it to show?

Yes, very long. Does’t appear.


Your profile says you are using SketchUp 2020 so instead of looking for 2021 as in that post, look for 2020. Make sure ShowInferenceTips is set to true. If not, edit the file, save, and restart SketchUp.

That’s true. Sorry for that. I always postpone updates. Will look at it. Not today, but thanks again… I will let you know.

Update seems most logical thing to do. It worked. Thanks,… again!

Did you edit the .json file as I suggested or just install 2021?

Sorry, because of lack of time (had to update sometime anyway) I didn’t go for your first advice and just went for the update first. But I can always look it up when it’s there again.