Divide Free-Hand Line

How can I divide a freehand drawn line into smaller segments?

For general lines, it’s a simple: RIGHT CLICK → DIVIDE

I’m quite stuck on how to also create segments for a hand-drawn line as there isn’t a ‘DIVIDE’ option.

If you press ctrl it will reduce the number of segments, alt will increase the number.

There is often extra info in the status bar at the bottom.

Hmm, I can see those options that you have pointed out.

I am curious on how to create segments in the first place for hand-drawn lines!
Any idea?

I don’t believe you can specify a number to start with, like arcs, circles etc, because it can’t know how long you will draw.
But after you first create it tapping ctrl and alt will add and subtract with each tap.
Be wary of making them too complex.
Curvizard by Fredo is another good option for editing this sort of thing.