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Every single article, e.g. this or this.

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Within each single article, between the article heading and the body text, there’s a huge spammy link to a specific help article about installing SU2017. I find this very distracting when trying to read about other issues, especially with is current location. Because of the placement between the heading and text and how prominent the link is, parsing the page and understand the hierarchy gets much harder. You may even be fooled into thinking you’re on the wrong page because you don’t see the heading, or think the article is missing because you can’t see it after the heading.

If there absolutely has to be a link to that specific help article on every single article, can’t it at least be placed above the heading of the article and the breadcrumbs, directly below the header, and extend vertically above the sidebar, so it doesn’t appear to be a part of the individual help article?

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The silly thing is people tend not to go to the Help Center to find an answer to their install problems. They just go to the forum and re-post the same issues over and over again without searching the forums first, and after ignoring the pinned team topic (that this annoying banner links to.)


And the ironic thing is that such a distracting message makes the knowledge center less usable for all other articles and probably make people more likely to repost in the forum instead.


Sorry for not chiming in on this. I was actually just thinking the same thing today. I’ll talk to the folks over on the support side of things to see if they’re ok with de-prioritizing this alert now.

EDIT: I’ve taken it down for now, if we start seeing an influx of support requests about this issue then it might pop back up there because it was more valuable than you realized.


Perhaps, but it’s really the implementation (it’s placement) that is at issue. It displays as part of every article, rather than being a banner independent of all articles.



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