SubCategory for Help Center Issues?

Would it help to have a dedicated SubCategory (of Meta) for “Help Center Issues” ?

I propose it be a sub-category of Meta as most products have their own Help Center “User Guides”, so having a “Help Center Issues” sub-category of every major top level product category is just overkill.

The purpose is to have one category that Jody, Tommy and company can “watch” for issues with the Help Center articles and User Guides (and also perhaps blogs.)

Reports are likely to be (and have been in the past):

  • Typos
  • Bad links
  • Misinformation (poor grammer)
  • Outdated information (showing for newer product versions)
  • Disorganized user guide navlinks


@jody, @Tommy, ya’ll have no opinion here ?

(Trying to make everyone’s contributions more economical.)

This is actually a great idea and at least gives us something to work from until we can find a way to make Drupal users submit an issue directly from an article. Watch this space for a link (or just watch for it to appear in the forum.)

Here it is!

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