Annoying banner on API doc site :-(

This first happened a few months ago and @thomthom got it fixed.
But it has resurfaced !

There’s a Trimble linked image to the right-hand end of the top-banner of the pages.
That image [ … -white.png ] is not found, and as a result the default place-holder is making the top-banner deeper because the default place-holder is larger.
As a result the top part of the main page is covered over by the top-banner…
Preventing the top-left links being seen/clicked.
The broken-link place-holder in Firefox and IE is quite large, but in Edge and Chrome they are much smaller, and so then they avoid this total ‘overlapping’.

Can someone please fix it…
@ChrisFullmer @ChrisDizon et al


There is an alternative…


Sorry to be dismissive… But what use is your comment ?

An alternative to the official API guidance, using any well established browsers should work - always.

Any alternative you might suggest is not likely to be acceptable - but since you have chosen not to offer whatever this thing might be, we are still at a loss !

Please be less cryptic. :roll_eyes:
Please be properly helpful…

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Sorry for the response, one of those days…

For SU API docs, see

Several versions of Ruby and popular gems are available from the home page:

using any well established browsers

Newer versions of Chrome, Edge, & Firefox work, newer tablets also. Sorry for not being able to check Safari…

You are right, in that the github version doesn’t have any Trimble branding, so the missing logo image isn’t an issue.
BUT my point is that the official API page for SketchUp has a fault that is easily rectified - it was fixed once a few months ago.

It gives a poor impression to users that the pages are not properly managed or maintained…

Can someone fix it, please ??

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Some days since my initial post.
Which was itself in exasperation after some days trying to get this simple - but annoying - problem fixed.

Can someone at SketchUp, or someone who knows someone etc, please get this very simple issue sorted !?

I’m sure no one at SketchUp/Trimble wish to be seen as unprofessional or unresponsive.
But having a key website with a fault that makes it unusable for many [would-be] developers, that is know to be resolvable in minutes, is frankly embarrassing…


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We are looking into the issue


Thanks for replying.:smiley:

It should be a very simple fix.
Either ensure the named PNG is where the HTML expects it to be, or change the HTML to look for another PNG that’s already there…

We have tracked down the missing images. These issues has been due to sharing resources across the site. But it’s proving fragile. I’ll be adding a copy of them to the Ruby API docs template so it’s completely self-contained next week.


that was a 12 day week ?
It’s still broken…:roll_eyes:

Now 19 days ago since the deadline…

It is a simple 5 minute fix…

I know you are busy… but ? :pleading_face:

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I’m on vacation right now. Office has been shut down as well. But people will start coming back this week. Fix will be deployed soon.



I can confirm that as of today that darn image is now found, and therefore the top banner is once again the correct size !
All of the obscured items in the left-hand column are accessible once again…

Thanks @thomthom, can you “glue” that image into the folder !

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The quick fix was to update the URL to new ones. But I have a task to embed the images into the template itself so it’s all self contained.