SU Ruby API Docs, Ruby Docs, etc


A long time ago I started working on a YARD plugin to make reading API docs easier on a tablet. It went a bit further than that. I’ve now added SketchUp API docs to it.

SketchUp Ruby API docs

Ruby 2.2

Home Page - more docs. UI desc,etc

You may find them helpful.


On my Mac, using Safari, the scrollable list of e.g. class names jumps to the right side of the window if the window is below some threshold of width. When it is over there, it overlays the main text making it useless. It cannot be moved and can be resized only via the - and + icons, which only make it shorter or taller.


Thanks for info. I suspect it is behaving as intended. As you may have noticed, I’m a windows user. I’ve tested on iOS, but not OSX.

Obviously, users of the forum may not be (or have a need to be) active on GitHub. For additional issues, feel free to file an issue at the git repo.

Since this is a code doc system, the app tries to keep the main doc window reasonably wide to allow code samples and source code (none shown in the SU docs) to be visible without scrolling. Hence, window layout is adjusted based on browser window width and selected font size.

Above the screen grab you’ve show, there is a settings button. Opening this will allow one to change the font size, which may allow the List pane to doc on the left side if the font size is decreased.

To toggle the visibility of the List pane, you can click the button labelled ‘LIST’.

Lastly, the plus minus buttons are global open/close buttons for the list. I can’t recall exactly what it affects, but the code also senses whether the ctrl key is depressed while clicking.

Again, thanks for the feedback. Also, I do have a UI guide here. Probably a good example of why the “don’t have the designer write the docs” concept exists…


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