Distance meaning on clash detection

Can someone tell me what the distance (-1025 mm) measurement of a clash detection corresponds to? It does not match what I measure in the viewer. (1165mm)

You need to attatch the skp model itself (not just a screenshot), for us to look at in SketchUp and its viewer.

p.s. it is very easy to incorrectly position the pins in the viewer, not on an endpoint, midpoint or intersection when measuring a distance. This could be the case in your example.

Here is it
test clash detection.skp (467.1 KB)

I uploaded splited on Trimble Connect in order to do the clash detection

if it is about measuring where (at what distance edges intersentions with a face) take place, this is what I measure in SketchUp:

And in the viewer I measure exactly the same distance: 1179.594648 mm

My question is about what are Trimble Connect saying about the clash, not dimensions in SketchUp

I want to be able to understand the results.

I think it is comparing the results of the interfering area’s in the three axes (x,y,z) and only reports the largest distance.

Could be but it’s strange. Thanks @MikeWayzovski