SketchUp Clash Detection - Urgent




I am a new user to SketchUp and am unable to find much information on Clash Detection in this program. I would like to model MEP and run clash detection. Does SketchUp have this functionality?

If not, I saw that Trimble Connect allows you to upload SketchUp models and run a clash detection. How accurate is this? Can I use an MEP plugin with SketchUp or does the MEP need to be modeled in Trimble?

I need to know this for my job, hence the urgency. Any help would be much appreciated.
Thank you


Native SU doesn’t have any form of Clash Detection. Sorry, but I don’t know how the Trimble Connect option works.


There are some MEP extensions in the Extension Warehouse:

Trimble used to have a major MEP extension, but then it suddenly disappeared.


Can you be a little more specific about how / from where/ from which consultants you want to combine models for clash detection.
Trimble connect will allow you to upload Revit, Tekla, SU and other file formats to superimpose so you can then perform clash detection.
I don’t believe it is automated in any way - we haven’t got to that yet.


The usual method of performing clash detection is to export the models of the different disciplines to IFC and then combine them in a viewing/reporting software. Trimble has the free BimSight for this purpose, paying alternatives are Solibri and Autodesk’s Navisworks.

(As an aside - for some obscure reason all these were developed here in Finland.)



Yes I wish the MEP extension would come back, it would be perfect for what we are doing.


I will look into it, I am currently creating clashsets with trimble via IFC files but am having a hard time getting them to display properly.


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