Dissolve line instead of deleting?

Gday everyobe

I was wondering if you could dissolve s line so it doesn’t delete the face?

You can R click on it and either Hide it, or Soften/smooth it.

perfect thanks heaps John

You can also use the Eraser tool to soften/hide edges.

Use it as normal, but: Hold Shift to hide/ Hold CTRL to soften. (see the lower panel when you have the Eraser activated).

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However, if the line is there because what you think should be a single face isn’t quite flat, it might be better to work out why, and redraw it.

On my phone at the moment, and away from computer until late tomorrow, but could you upload the model with the problem, if that might be the case?

Your link isn’t viewable on the phone, so I can’t see what it shows

@john_mcclenahan, may have a point, and I too cannot see the link on a computer, you could try to re-upload it.

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