Display not Appearing

When I open a SketchUp file, either preexisting or new, although the functions within SketchUp work (drawing tool, paint tool, etc.) I am unable to see anything in the SketchUp display area where I should be able to view my model. The main part of the screen is white instead, with no axes or image. I have tried scaling/zooming-out to see if that is the issue, but it is not.

This is also an issue with some of the other graphics programs on my computer where I am unable to see anything in the main display part of my screen. I am able to see the preview of the file that I am opening, but when I open it, there is only a white screen.

I have recently updated my driver which may be tied to the issue. Are there any computer/proxy settings that I should look into to solve the problem?

Thanks for the help!

What is the graphics card on your computer? Make sure it’s drivers are up to date but go to the manufacturer of the card to check. Don’t go by what windows says.

In SketchUp you might try going to Window>Preferences>OpenGL and changing the state of the box for Use Fast Feedback.