Display Curve Data (Curve Maker)

Hello guys!

It would be appreciated if I could have some help on this problem. I was using CleanUp tool and it somehow deleted my original curve (I have kept it hidden for the purpose of needing the curve data in the future). I did copy the curve into another file, but there is no option to “Display Curve Data” when I right-clicked it. Is there is a way to get back this data? I have been fiddling with the curves for a quite a while before deciding on that particular curve data. :sweat: :sweat:

Thank you for reading this!

Chandelier.skp (133.1 KB)

I think at this point you’re out of luck. A good reason to have given the curve group a tag and used the tag to hide it instead.

You might be able to reconstruct it.

Is there any possibility what you’re looking for could be included in the attachment to your other thread?

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Thank you Dave for the suggestions! I have grouped the curve and hidden it, but I unfortunately did not tag it. I’ll keep that in mind for next time! Apologies for the late response!

Unfortunately, it appears that the curve data is not copied to my other attachment. It was probably because the curve in my other thread was not the original curve (I copied it into a new file specifically to ask question). Thanks for the suggestion though Shep and apologies for the late reponse!