Disassociating skp files opened on iPad from the Dropbox original file

When I open a skp file from Dropbox, I want the file on my iPad to be disassociated from the main file on Dropbox. I’m finding that when I do open the file on the iPad, any manipulation overwrites the original file on DB and the same file that is concurrently open on my Mac gets renamed to some randomly generated file name. I would prefer to be able to open an file on the iPad and have the default behavior be for that to be a separate and unique file from the main file on Dropbox.

I hope this makes sense… any thoughts out there?

I think for working in the cloud you are better off using Trimble Connect. You will have control of your versions and less problems.

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Dropbox (and most cloudservices) has an option to lock files. Those should then become 'Viewable Only". If the file is not locked, a copy is made.
This behavior is easily managed in Trimble Connect, since it is especially built to deal with (large) 3D models, instead of word docs and images.

The iPad for SketchUp only reverts to a viewer when signed in with a Trimble ID that hasn’t got a payed plan associated with it.

Thanks, Mike, I will use TC instead of DB link henceforth.

I appreciate the information!

Thanks for the information, rtches, and weighing in.