Disappearing objects across layers? Why is this happening?

I created a rectangular prism (brick) on a single layer. Made it into a group. I then copied and pasted that same brick. Created a new layer and selected the copied brick and assigned it to the new layer using the entity info pannel. When hide the layer the original item is on, the copy on the new layer also hides! Why is this happening?

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It sounds like you aren’t using layers correctly. The geometry needs to remain on Layer 0. Layer 0 should always be active. Only groups/components get associated with other layers.

Read: Controlling Visibility with Tags | SketchUp Help

It’s likely @DaveR is correct, but if you can share a model that illustrates the problem we can say for sure.

And is there any particular reason for using groups instead of components?

The latter are generally better, in my view.

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