Components on layer A disappearing when I make Layer B invisible


I have a file that is going to be a network map and I have one layer called Jacks where I have all the jack symbols placed. I also have 20 other layers one for each cable run. Between a jack and the wiring cabinet. My problem is that even though the groups/components that are the jacks are listed on the jacks layer when I turn off Cable Run 03 layer they all disappear also. I am wondering why this is and how I can fix it?


Very likely the raw geometry in your model (lines and planes) are not on layer 0.


While the Layer0 situation @bmike mentions is the most common problem, this kind of behavior can happen in other situations because of the way layers are handled when entities are nested inside a group or component. The rules are:

  1. When the layer used by the container (outer group or component) is marked non-visible, the contents are not visible regardless of what layers they use.
  2. When the layer used by the container is marked visible, the contents are visible or not according to the settings of the layers they use.

So if the jacks use the Jacks layer are nested inside the cable run component, they will disappear along with it when Cable Run 03 layer is set non-visible.

As always, please remember that SketchUp layers do not organize or isolate entities. They are merely shared visibility flags that multiple entities can reference at the same time.


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