Disappearing Components Upon Publishing

I’ve been having a problem with a scene I started modeling yesterday. Here is the most recent source file:
Detritus.skp (331.7 KB)
When I open it and work on it in the desktop application, everything is where it should be:

Notice the Pallet 2 in the components on the right. Here’s where I’m having an issue. If I publish it to Trimble Connect and then open it in the browser version of the app or try to open it in the desktop via Trimble Connect, this happens:

Notice how Pallet 2 is completely gone from the component list? But here’s the real kicker:
It still shows the shipping pallets in the preview image.
The only thing I can think of that’s going on, and based on some of the other forum posts I’ve seen (specifically one from 2014), is that I changed the texture of the Pallet 2 component from wood grain to a solid color. When this scene was being made, the pallet was imported from my own files. This is very annoying and any insight or advice would be awesome.
Thank you.

Update: I think I solved it. The original file Pallet 2 is saved as a component. When it was imported into my scene, it made it a component within a component. This nesting seems to have caused some kind of hiccup in the publishing process. It now shows properly in the desktop app and when opened using Trimble Connect.


This is a common source of error and many 3D Warehouse components have it. It is quite easy to reproduce: start a new file, create something and make it a component. Then save your file with the same name you gave to the component. When you now import the resulting file into some other model, you have created a component that references itself. The correct way is to select the component and use the context menu “Save as…” procedure to write the component to a file.

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