Disable snapping per object/tag

I find that others have suggested a way to turn of snapping by group/component. This is a way to keep geometry from other parties in your model, such as imported steel ifc´s, even though they are roughly drawn with all kinds of small dimension errors. Its important to not let other peoples small errors metastasize into an overall unprezise drawing where nothing fits together. So it would be nice to be able to not by accident snap to those elements. That snapping could also be controlled on a tag level.

Either ways is solves a lot of things. If that snap-ability turned of carries over to Layout is also solved the main remaining problem of Layout: That its hard to dimension ones drawing when complex geometry needs to be present, but its not part of your own work, and you can’t find snapping points for what you want to dimension because of it.

That is now solvable in layout by turning on and off layers, before and after you dimension your work. But doing all this turning on and off tags every time you dimension something is hardly the most efficient workflow.

The unsnapble feature could also be implemented similar to the “Lock” status of objects. They turn red to indicate that they are locked. Components/groups could turn orange or grey to indicate they are un-snappable, or unstoppable could also be a property you set to some locked objects.

Making the feature relate to the lock status would minimize added complexity that all new features inherently have.