Disable snapping or option to exclude group/component from snapping

hi there,

i often have crappy bad drawings from client on which i have to build clean sober perfect geoemtry on top off…

one thing i learned ever the years, you cant use imported lines etc… its always a mess an makes problems so you have to draw new… and there is the next problem how to draw clean over crappy messy not exact drawings…

it would be so much help if we could turn of snapping for groups/components/layers… then we could just use the imported drawings as visual reference and build over it exact geometry…

thank you mr sketchup and team for considering this an real option … maybe there is even already a super sharp code snipped or plugin someone has created :slight_smile: but unfortunately i havend found it and cant program myself…

so here i am at your mercy :slight_smile:

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You could import the drawings as graphic images or textures. Then nothing would snap to them.


that is right but its not as versatile as importing a cad… no layers, bad resolution etc…

then i have extra work too cleaning cad before doing images and importing and cutting resizing them etc…

not everything should be a “workaround” in sketchup :slight_smile:
i would be happy if someone notices that this request was made several times!!

thanks, franz

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I generally hate “snapping”. I would love to turn it off and on. When working on a complex drawing with a large number of available “snap points”, it can be very frustrating when I need to add a new line that isn’t a part of existing geometry.

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I support the idea of giving the user extensive snap control.

I played a bit with FromZ this weekend and was happy to see it gives the user full control over snapping. Both layers and objects can individually be toggled as “snapable” in their respective manager palettes.

They also have inference snap toggles for ghosted geometry, guide snap, angle snap, and all the different inference object snaps (as well as a master snap toggle.) It allows the user to even set a snap tolerance in pixels.

This kind of control is long overdue for SketchUp.


would love to set some components, like a bed, to restricted snapping, like only the bottom corners of the component. That would be very efficient.