Dims Not Showing True Measurement

Every now and then when snapping dimension from points that are not in line on x or y (2D plane), the dims show the angular measurement not the x or y measurement that I intend. (See attached) What is causing this and how can I overcome this issue? I have a work around but I want LO to do it properly. It only happens periodically, and the whole project file is problematic. I’m using LO V16.0

Top image is from SU and what I want LO to do. Bottom three images show the problematic dims in LO.

Include your layout file here so it can be examined for the cause. The most common cause of this is not having the scene set to parallel projection and directly overhead in standard top view.

The file is too large (68MB) to upload. PM me and I will send you the DropBox link.

I assure you the cause is not improper view alignment, as I have checked that first. Also, the SU geometry is 2D linework not 3D model.

After making the claim that the views were correct I checked the file to see if that was still the case - It was. But what I did find while checking that was that Ortho was turned off somehow. Turning that back on fixed the issue. Thanks for the prompting.

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