Dimensioning parallel along an isometeric cube in layout

Good morning,
I know I have seen this solution, now that I need it- In layout how do you dimension parallel along the axis of an isometric line?

In my opinion LayOut’s native Dimension tool doesn’t make the nicest looking dimensions in isometric views. I wind up constructing my own extension and dimension lines. I like to see the extension lines aligned with edges in the model and the dimension line parallel to the edge being dimensioned so I set out guidelines in SU that I can trace with the Line tool in LO. After I’ve finished with the guides, rendering in Vextor makes them disappear or better, erase them in SU, save and then update the reference in LO.

Alternatively, SU’s dimension don’t look that bad in LO when rendered as vector although when I do use SU dimensions, I place text boxes over the dimension text in LO because I find it easier to maintain a consistent appearance of the text throughout the LO document that way.

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