Dimensioning Tool In Layout

I am not quite sure how to word this question so I will have to aid it some diagrams. I am trying to get my dimensions on this project to a specific place on the model, but when I dimension this shelving for example it gets skewed in a hard to reference place.

I wanted to upload the Layout file but I am unable as it says the file is too big, here is a screenshot instead. This is the model I am working on and I am not getting the dimension laid out where I want it.

I know this is probably an easy fix and maybe even the stupidest question I have ever asked on this but its frustrating…


Here is the way that I want the dimension to be laid out.

Hi Ed,

Unfortunately LayOut does not currently support isometric dimensioning. This is a popular feature request and it is something we’d like to be able to add to LayOut in the future.

In the mean time, you will have to dimension in SketchUp (as it appears you have done in the second image).


I’m looking forward to the day when LayOut’s Dimension tool respects the perspective in the SketchUp Viewport. As Adam says, you can add those dimensions in SketchUp. My preferred method is to set up 2D 2-view or 3-view scenes of components so I can dimension them in LayOut or use labels for the perspective views as below. These dimension are automatically added with the name of the component via the label’s auto text feature.

That is a real shame