Dimension tool won't pick up a point on a curve (bug?)

I have drawn a series of outlines for laying out floors of a building. To make the selection of outlines easier, I converted the line segments in which they were programmatically drawn into Curves.

I can’t now dimension the floors - the Dimension tool won’t register any of the endpoints of the curve segments.

This seems inconsistent - the Line tool, for example, has no trouble highlighting inference endpoints on the curve.

It works fine if I explode the curves.

If this is a Known Issue, it isn’t listed in that section of the Forum, which says ‘There are no Known Issues’.

There is an issue I have sometimes where I cannot dimension a radius of an arc of a component. The arc does not highlight.
If I go into edit I can then highlight and dimension the arc with a radius. The problem then is every same component has this dimension attached. So what I do is cut it from the component , exit edit and paste it in place, to make things cleaner.

I’m not sure if this is anywhere near your problem but in short you could try going into edit if you haven’t already.

I’ll try that. Tx for suggestion.

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