Dimension tool; Hide/erase proximity

WHY. Can I not pull a dimension to the apex (or any point) on an arc?

Also, why is right click “erase” next to right click “hide”?

Sketchup support responded:
Why are these problems. Use Layout.

I persist: Why even have the dimension tool if it doesn’t work well? Sometimes I just want to export a quick shop drawing without transitioning to another program. It’s unreasonable that the dimension tool should not be able to interact with arcs at all. Especially since the arcs are actually polygons. I can see the segment ends, but can’t snap to them.

The hide/erase proximity is problematic because they both have the same apparent effect - the thing disappears. If you realize you’ve clicked the wrong one, ctrl-z no problem, but if you think you’ve hid an object, continue to work, and then go to unhide it, but it’s gone, you have a problem.

And without an actions history a la autocad, you have to rely on the last saved version, which could be much further back than you want to go.

I don’t know why you can’t. It’s certainly an option in both SketchUp and LayOut.

Share a model in which this doesn’t work for you. I don’t have any issues dimensioning arcs.

Your profile says you are using SketchUp 2017 Make. It’s kind of pointless to be making feature requests for a version that hasn’t been supported for more than half a decade.


Thanks Dave, I’m a current Pro subscriber.

Try pulling a dimension from the apex of a radius. Say you have a racetrack shape and want to measure the length, from outside of one arc to the other. The dimension tool won’t pick up those points.

Thanks for the attitude, mr. sage.

Please correct your forum profile.
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You came in with the attitude. I’ll leave you to it, though.

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You couldn’t make it up could you :rofl: :rofl:

I’m sorry, mr. sage. That’s not how this works.

This isn’t reddit; you’re tech support, and all you’ve done so far it tell me that my problem isn’t real, and that I’m not a legitimate customer.

I’m glad this works on your computer. It doesn’t on mine. My racetrack is extruded, and has texture, but that’s the only difference.

Now, I can work around this, as I do many janky things that happen, even in pro '23, but I thought maybe someone else was having the same issue, and that it could be improved, for everyone’s benefit. “ProSupport” suggested I post something here. Clearly that was a waste of time.

There are ways of posting that make people want to help, and then there are posts like yours.

Maybe starting with something like, I wonder if you can help, would elicit a better response than “WHY.”

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If you want a dimension connected to an arc, that shows its length, I think that isn’t possible in either SketchUp or LayOut (would be happy to be wrong).

In SketchUp you can select the arc, or the entire racecourse track, and Entity Info will show its length.


this is not tech support. this is a community forum run by regular people.
In essence, this is reddit. At least it works like reddid. Although some of us here work for SketchUp, the overwhelming majority of us don’t.

As DaveR said in his first post, it’s easier for us to help you if you provide an example of your problem.
Without it, it’s all just theoretical.

So yeah, Considering the info you provided and the infos in your profile, DaveR’s answers are sound.

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This forum is definitely not tech support. Except for people marked as team members, people on the forum are all just unpaid friends of SketchUp.

If this was tech support, you would have to pay for it, as users of free versions of the software are not entitled to support.