Dimension tool not working properly

I have created a large trade show exhibit in SU-Pro 16 and need to add some dimensions so I can hand it over to our stand builder. The Dimension tool worked on the first couple objects that I marked and then it quit working. The pink spot will stick to random places as I pass over them on my way to the object I want to measure which is annoying. When I click point to point where I want a measurement nothing happens. I have hit Escape several times and changed tool. Even closed the program and restarted the computer.

SketchUp is always a wonderful tool to work in so when one little thing like this goes wrong I freak out a little bit. Please, help me find the magic fix for this problem!

So I’m still fiddling with this. I opened a different drawing and was able to add point to point dimensions wherever I wanted. Then I went back to my trade show exhibit and was able to add a couple more dimensions before it stopped working. What I think I’ve figured out is that dimensions can only be marked along a corner. If I want to show the dimensions of a cylindrical product display plinth I’m SOL. No corners to click point to point. :frowning2:

You need endpoints to attach the dimension to.
Turn on hidden geometry when needed to select an attachment point.

You can also add guide points where you want a dimension to anchor.

YES!, the Tape Measure guides helped a lot. This will work.