Using Dimension tool to label on a mac

Hi, I am trying to add dimension labels to construction items and it was working fine on a PC but now on my Mac its like the dimension tool doesn’t work. When I click the dimension tool nothing happens and it wont allow me to pick two points to measure. Amy I doing something wrong on the Mac?

Do the other tools work?
Check if the cursor changes, watch the statusbar on the bottom left, for tool specific instructions.
Is there a sound?
Do you have multiple monitors attached?

I could make this happen on Mac and Windows, if it is terrain that I’m trying to measure. With normal faces the two OSes work correctly, in the same way.

You may see items (entities, groups, components, images??) without their edges being displayed. Meaning you see their faces but there are no endpoints to measure from.
If so, turn on ‘Display Edges’.