Dimension tool in sketchup pro won't dim a cylinder

Having issues with the built in dimension tool. It wont allow me to dimension the circle portion of a cylinder type object. I downloaded a engine model from the warehouse. As you can see in the gif, it only picks certain portions. Is this a settings issue or just the model itself? thanks

i am aware i can use Layout, but for this, i am just doing it in SU

im trying to meausre the diameter… i should mention that

wont dim

Turn on hidden geometry.

tried that and it still doesnt let me click on one of the points to measure the diameter

wont let me click on anything

Attach the model.

engine.skp (959.8 KB)
ok, here it is

Watch the nesting.

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DANG IT!!! its freakin nested!!!

i just noticed that. i dont nest my parts ever so i perceive that others follow the same rule, but not everyone has guidance from box and dave and nest their parts when they shouldnt haha