Dimension tool suddenly not working


Hi. New to the forum but can’t see anyone having the same issue. I’ve been using sketchup just fine until I suddenly wasn’t able to pull dimensions off the sketch anymore using the dimension tool. I’ve tried quitting and restarting sketchup as well as power cycling the computer. Even tried installing a later version - nothing gets me back to being able to take dimensions. Any help much appreciated.


Maybe you share your model so we can see what you’re trying to dimension?


Thanks, can do, but it really is as simple as: start a new sketch, draw a rectangle. Select the dimension tool, and try to pull off a dimension. If I open any model and try to do it the same thing happens. It’s bizarre as it was working fine this morning, and I don’t see how I’ve changed anything.


If it was working and now isn’t, try cold reboot of the computer.


Thanks Dave R - I tried that the other day. Oddly, I’ve just opened sketch up and now its working again.