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If its not really that well optimized and I loose a few percent on performance, thats ok. I just buy a better machine.

But like with the dimensions I discussed in this post, where the quality is hardly comparable at all, it must be addressed. The app has to work, and with Layout it really doesn’t.

ok, not to rant here, but Layout is now deteriorating by the minute. After the recent update, snaps are now not working when editing dimension. it will no longer find alignment on neighboring dimensions, and if I move the anchor point, it will no longer find any snap.
I did a reinstall, but its the same afterwards.

t̶h̶a̶t̶’̶s̶ ̶n̶o̶t̶ ̶g̶o̶o̶d̶

@Odd_Haakon_Byberg I was trying to replicate your problem and couldn’t

object snapping was on and grid snapping off

:bulb: idea, surely not… so I turned off object snapping (with grid snapping still off) and was able to snap to linework but then when I edited the dimension it wouldn’t snap (of course)

have you got object snapping off ?

ok, so someone else may know why - if it’s intentional…

with object snapping off, when you select the dimensions tool, if you right click you’ll see that object snapping has been turned on and after you have completed your dimension, right clicking will reveal that snapping is back off

its getting interesting here :slight_smile: I start a dimension, check the snap status, its on, do the dimension, select it, and check snap status again, its now off…

ok so maybe it was off to begin with, but temporarily on as you say, when dimensioning. I must have unwillingly turnet it off, so that this behavior occurred.

glad this got solved, thank you.

For the initial video in this thread, I’m really curious why the bounding box is taller than the selected dimension lines. I think that’s why the double arrow move icon was not showing up on the dimension edge. Moving the mouse up slightly next to that blue triangle arrow under the 2 would theoretically have triggered the double arrow icon. When multiple dimensions are selected, that double arrow icon shows up at the edge of the total selection, not necessarily on the edge of the dimension line.
selection boundary above the line vs on the line
The red spray paint line in this image indicates the top selection boundary edge.
So I’m not sure why that was happening with that, @Odd_Haakon_Byberg.

Notice the double-arrow icon shows up even over empty space, as long as it’s lined up with the boundary of the selection:

That selection boundary rule explains why the double arrow icon does not show up when hovering over this dimension edge that is inside of the selection boundary:

I Replied just now to the other post.

And thanks for clearing up the topic of when you have two dimensions selected, but one dimension is inside the bounding box.

I understand now why Layout then cannot find the doublesided arrows inside the bounding box, cause that is gizmo territory :slight_smile:

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