Dimension Precision

I have the need to build a small model (3 inches long) where I need to model dimensions with accuracy of .001 inches. Is that possible. I see that display precision smallest dimension is 1/64. When I tried none, my modeling didn’t seem to work properly. suggestions?

Yes. It’s possible.

Change the units to Decimal Inches. You can then get Display Precision to 6 places right of the decimal. Note that is display precision. The model is still only as precise as YOU make it. If you want precise dimensions you need to type those dimensions in and not eye ball them as you were in your previous question about dimensioning.

What are you modeling and how will it be used?

just to show and tell what Dave just said.

There is a case to be made for NOT using that many decimals…don’t know why I have it set that way…just haven’t changed it for a bit.

I find it useful to ensure I’m modeling the parts correctly and to avoid cumulative errors creeping in but there’s no point displaying dimensions to that precision. It’s unlikely you’d be able to measure to 6 places in the shop nor would there be any benefit if you could. It would just make the parts more expensive. Changing the precision before adding dimensions, or dimensioning in LayOut with coarser display precision would make sense.

for sure on that one. 1/64" is just too much unless it’s intricate machining. I think this was set for a test and I am just toooooo lazy to change it.

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I am modeling a hinge. May need to send to 3d printer at some point.
buddy hindge.skp (2.0 MB)

I’ve never used the imperial system and I don’t know well how it works, but when I need to model small things I model in meters and scale it down after it’s finished, but metrical system makes it easier.

totally understood. But the client is planning having this stamped out and it has to be exact specifications. Maybe even send it for 3d modeling if they can do it in steel.

so if 1/64 inch is not exact enough, don’t know what I will do.

Here’s what your model shows for units.

This is what I told you to use"

Before it’ll be 3D printable you’ll need to get rid of the faces skinning the screw hole and the U-shaped slot.

When I model for 3D printing I work the model as if millimeters were meters. No need to scale down before exporting the .stl.

Who is measuring it and what are they measuring it with?

I scaled your model up so 1 in. equals 25.4 meters, cleaned it up, and exported as .stl. Then I imported it into the slicer for 3D printing. Here’s the results showing the dimensions in millimeters.
Screenshot - 11_6_2023 , 1_32_04 PM

thanks Dave. I’ll try that!

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