Dimension overshoots?

Is there setting in Su-Pro or Layout 2020 for the horizontal & vertical lines were they intersec to extend passt each other at the slash or dot marker points & be controlled via a user distance measurement.This is commonly known as overshoot settings in CAD software.

If not, I would like to see this control in the future.

You can control the extension line length in LayOut. Is that what you are trying to do?

The gaps between the anchor points and the extensions can be adjust in either the Dimensions panel or in Shape Style and the distance past the dimension line can be adjusted in Shape Style.

Hi DaveR,

Thanks for your reply, much appreciated. I was orignally typing this query for SUPro-2020, but then changed it to include LAYOUT. So I guess SUPro is limited in this regard.

I do recall the leader lines in LAYOUT to the dimensioned item can be adjusted, short or long or whatever, so this in part is understood. However, my other CAD programme one can control both lines! at the intersection point on the dimension line. See enclosed attachment example. This perhaps isn’t yet adjustable in SU ?

I’m guess you mean extension lines?

For some end styles you can control how much the dimension extends beyond the extension lines.

Hi DaveR,

Correct, exactly what I want, I missed that setting for some reason… :roll_eyes: I hope this is available for DOT style, as you can see, love the dot end style… :nerd_face:

The circle ends diameters are adjustable but not the dimension line overshoot.

Most users seem to want to reduce clutter in their dimensions, not add to it.

Grrrrr… :grimacing: :grimacing: