Dimension metric drawing with English dimensions



I work with a metric cabinet company. Is there a way to draw in metric, but then have the dimensions set to english? IE, draw a 60 cm. cabinet as 60 cm., but then have the dimension display 23-5/8"?


You can work with metric then go to Window/Model Info/Units and change to “english” and the dimensions will adjust automatically. FYI input can be done in either format as long as you use the unit.
Tig also made a Plugin that displays both sets of dimensions, you’ll find it at Sketchucation called Dual Dims if you want it.


Thank you! I currently use draftsight and do print dual dimensions but had given up on that. Thank you so much!



It needs SketchUp >= v2014 - you have v2017 so it should work just fine…


If you use LayOut to format your output, you can there place dimensions using as many different units of measurement as you like.


It IS working. Thank you very much! I’m new to SketchUp, so still trying to figure out a seemingly infinite number of things, but I can see the potential and hope to ultimately convert to only using SketchUp for our business.


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