Different Versions of Same Building Best Practice

New to sketchup. Have a building that I’ve modeled in sketchup. Want to be able to present different versions of the same building to a client and just be able to sketch up different ideas in general.
Any insight into best practices for this? As example, generally would it make more sense to do multiple versions in one file or create individual models in separate files. If it matters, I plan on pulling different “scenes” created within the models into Layout for presentation purposes.

This heavily depends what you’re going to change. The first important thing is the geometry and the complexity of your building. If it’s very detailed, go for different files because placing a copy in the same file will affect the performance. If the building is low-poly, you can put several copies with different versions in one file. If it’s different materials and textures, I’d personally go for different files.

I would try to keep it all in the same model myself. That way it’s easier to deal with the inevitable changes that will come. Make sure you are using components/groups and establish layers to control the visibility of the various options. For example if you want to show the building with a couple of different entryways, for example, make a layer for each entryway. Then you can create a scene for each entryway.

In this way, changes that might affect both entryways can be changed accurately with less opportunity for errors.

Be sure you are using layers correctly. Leave Layer 0 active at all times, keep all edges and faces on Layer 0 and only associate other layers with components/groups.

Thanks Guys. I definitely prefer (in CAD anyway) having multiples in one file just wasn’t sure how quickly bloated the sketchup files could become.
Sounds like I can at least start with my preferred method then learning curve from there.

DaveR- thanks for the pointers on layers etc. I use layers overextensively in CAD but just have been dabbling in them in Sketchup. Will need to think your sage advice through some when I get back on this!

So far I’m really liking the tool although have a LONG way to go.

Make sure read this on the topic of layers in SketchUp.

Will do…!

Just completed the tutorial. Thanks for saving me a bunch of aggravation later!

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