Different dim how to select, copy and paste in place different components

how do I select, copy and paste different components that are on the same layer, that is, perforations of different dimensions of a cabinet that I want to move to the side, in my case selection toys does not work because it selects hidden components and pastes them together with the visible

Share the .skp file so we can see what you are trying to accomplish.

hello thanks for answering attached model
cabinet.skp (121.7 KB)

Are you just trying to transfer the dowel holes from the ends of the horizontal pieces to the sides of the case?

I’s place the dowels and pins or whatever they are and then use them to Trim the case parts with Bool Tools 2.

By the way, you have a lot of excessive component nesting and other issues in your model.

sorry for being ignorant but I don’t see how you pass the pins to the sides, the rest is clear but although a bit wasteful when you have many cabinets and all with different types of fastening, I don’t know if you can select all of them at the same time and pass them at once without having to select them one by one

Feels like senseless clicking. Just create two temporary components (plates and pins) and drill holes with one operation. This is possible with the Bool Tools extension, the native Solid tool does not support nested components.

Remember that of ten it is better to model symmetrical elements as halves/quarters and then make a mirror. In the case of cabinets, it is often enough to make one or two panels and edit the panel length or the position of the holes by editing with the move tool. Another important advantage of the Bool Tools plug-in over the native Solid is that it does not change the hierarchy of geometry elements. Solid tool turns components into groups! Remember that!