Different appearance in LO

Can anyone tell me why this happens? The SU drawing has an imported component of a basin. It had lots of lines I didn’t want so I smoothed them out and got it looking OK in SU. When the same scene appears in LO, all the lines have returned (or that’s what it looks like), creating a confused appearance. It is rendered in Hybrid.

It’s not very WYSIWYG.

That’s an ugly sink!

Can you share an SKP file with the sink in it? It doesn’t need to have anything else.

Not ugly in the flesh, just in the drawing!

Here’s the SU file.

Basin.skp (1.0 MB)

It’s not a very good model. It’s got a lot of holes in it and ugly geometry.

I softened the edges on the bottom including the coplanar ones and sent it to LO. It looks better. At least those lines radiating from the corners don’t show.

I agree that it looks much better.

I usually use much simpler component drawings because they don’t have these problems. But this is a case where I needed to have a model of the actual basin, so I downloaded it as a DWG and then imported it into SU. Manufacturers over here don’t produce SU friendly drawings. It’s normally DWG, DXF, or some kind of IFC, but they all seem to suffer from this kind of over complexity. What would be really nice would be to have a plug in that can take standard drawings and turn them into SU friendly ones. If only I were a programmer!

I still don’t understand why it looks different in LO from SU though.

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