Difference between Paste and Paste in Place?


Sorry for such a basic question.

I am finding that there is no reference for a simple question like this.


‘Paste’ allows you to select where you place the entity that you copy.
‘Paste in place’ will paste the entity to the location from which it was copied.

Paste in place is helpful when you are working in a large model and you need to edit a particular component. You can copy and ‘Paste in place’ into a new file, edit it there and ‘Paste in place’ it back to the original model.


And you can cut or copy a selection (to clipboard) and paste in place in another context (outside a group / inside a group) in the same location in the same file.


Which is especially useful when you need to create a “cutter “ and then copy it to the same location inside a component to intersect.


I use Paste in place much more than Paste so I’ve got a keyboard shortcut for it.


Same here I use Paste in place a lot and don’t know what I’ll do without it on a hotkey shortcut.

Find it useful to copy entities from one SketchUp model to another.



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