Desperatly need Help with Stair Stringer

Hi, I need help with my spiral stair stringers. The treads & risers are fine (made from a 2D Cad file) but when I use the follow me tool, the blue axis of the face bends off vertical. Going a bit crazy!!!

Without at least an image [but preferably a SKP] we would all have to guess !

FollowMe is known to ‘twist’ its results.
There are Plugins to avoid this [search].
However, if you stair is a perfect helix [the proper name for a spiral-stair] then you can simply make a component of one tread/string/handrail, and then use Rotate+Ctrl to make a copy and NNx to replicate that…
Then individually Move those copies up in their Z to the desired heights…

Sorry How do you to attach the .skp file?

In you post - OR just drag-n-drop the file onto the post’s pane…


Here it isMODEL.skp (504.2 KB)

Am finding the Non twist plugins. Will try that. Thanks.


Thanks got the plug in. That should do it.