Curved stair railing

Hi I am trying to model a curved stair railing and can’t seem to figure out how to model it in a diagonal axis. Also is there a way to clean up this stai, it is more faceted than I would like. Also how can you change the orientation of a texture. When I first did this the treads were lengthwise, now they are diagonal.
stair.skp (916.7 KB)

You need to create a path for the rail to follow in Follow Me. I copied the edge of the stringer out to use for that curve. It shows above the rail.

Most of the faces in your model are reversed and need to be fixed.

As for the texture on the stair treads, you can open the stair group for editing and right click on the face of the tread. Then select Texture>Position and use the green push pin as a handle to rotate it. Fix the face orientations first.

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I created an arc and I used the follow me tool, but not in the z axis. When I first started I thought the blue face was the front or desired face. Also I probably should have made the arc for the original stringer with more segments. Thanks again for your help. I could probably build the house faster than I can model it…

Yes. You need to draw the path in 3D space instead of 2D space.

Yes. Probably. More segments in the original arc would make smoother curves in the stringers. If I were modeling a staircase, I would make each stringer as separate components and then the tread as another component which I would array around and up between the stringers. This would make it easier to modify the stairs if needed.

I am now revisiting this older thread as I mentioned I want to clean up the stair. I have read through some other threads on curved stair building, many are actually more complex than what I am doing, and was wondering if anyone can point me towards a good source to do this correctly. I can’t even recall now how I made the stringer, but I did make the treads as components though.