Help me remove twists from Follow Me object!

I had to change the axes to properly align the face and it appears to still be affecting the operation of the Follow Me tool.
I have been using this software less than a week so will require explicit directions to fix this please!

I hope the attachment made it… It’s a handrail for stairs, and it is twisted.

twisted.skp (209.4 KB)

Native ‘Follow Me’ doesn’t twist the extrusion on planar paths.
Your curved path is not flat but 3D and results in the twisted extrusion.
You’ll need a plugin like ‘FollowMe and Keep’. There’s at least one available, I think in SketchUp’s ‘Extention Warehouse’.or at SketchUcation Forum.
Do a search from within SketchUp.
Another example in ‘Extention Warehouse’ is Eneroth’s ‘Upright Extruder’.

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Wow fast answer! You have no idea how many things I tried to fix this, thanks so much.

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SketchUcation forum: Index page • sketchUcation •
another source:

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