Desktop and Laptop?

How do I put SUp 2021 on my laptop? I have it on my desktop now. Can I have it on both machines?

will this laptop graphics card even work with SUp 2021??

I couldn’t tell you just from looking at that image of.your laptop will run SketchUp.however there is a SketchUp checkup program you could download and run that is free directly from the SketchUp team. SketchUp Checkup | SketchUp Help

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I think and someone correct me if I’m wrongthat your Pro subscription licence allows for two machines at any of time per seat.


Not likely. SketchUp requires a discrete graphics system that supports hardware acceleration.

Old out of support legacy Intel integrated graphics usually do not support hardware acceleration.
And some of them do not support the minimum OpenGL version that newer SketchUp version need.

You’ll see that the Intel HD4400 is now past support:

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It may be past support, but it DOES work. My 6 year old laptop uses it - and Sketchup works just fine.

SketchUp 2021 ?

OK that checker said everything’s fine with the laptop, it did say I should upgrade it from Win 8 which I hate to Win 10.

but I already have 2015 on the laptop, would that run better then 2021 on this laptop?

Yep. SketchUp 2021. And thanks for the reminder that I need to update my profile! Will do so when I get home. On the road right now.

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Okay, I stand corrected.

You can leave SU2015 on the laptop as a backup just in case.

However, if you install SU2021 on that same laptop, you not be allowed to move the SU2015 license to another computer.

Re: “better” … there have been numerous improvements in the last 6 major releases.
See the Release Notes pages.

OK so how do I install it on the laptop? Download it again using the laptop? I do have the .exe file on my desktop machine, can I email it to the laptop??

Yes this is the usual way.

There may be limits to the size of email attachments depending upon your ISP. I would say just download the latest installer to the laptop.

How does that work Dan, will I need to sign in before the download? Where do I go for that download?

could I just transfer that exe using a thumb drive?

I don’t think so.

If it is the installer exe you are speaking of, perhaps if there is space enough on the thumbdrive.

But are you sure that it is the latest release ?

Redownloading ensures that it is the latest release AND avoids passing some malware from machine to machine.

Thank for the help Dan, I’m all set now with SUp 2021 on my laptop!

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