Designing a Mini itx computer case


Will any body be up for designing a case to be sent off to protocase for me? I am willing to pay for your time.

Im trying to model a case exactly like the mini itx Sunmilo BG3 case, due to it was only sold in China, and is no longer being sold.

I really like how the gpu is vertically mounted and you can fit a 220/240 rad in the case.

These are the only pics of the case.

It needs to bee able to fit a 240 radiater, a strix gtx 1080 ti from Asus (vertically), 2 ssds, a reservoir and a pump, im wiling to provide more info if needed.

My email is:

My discord is:

You would need to provide sizes for all of the components exactly including standard measurements and fittings for motherboard type, SSD clamp sizes and everything else in between. Also as many ‘off the shelf’ components you can find measurements for the better.

Parts like this are engineered to perfection as everything needs to line up and fit exactly, generally things like this would be prototyped first before a final build was made. I would be careful trying to have somebody make a case for you, then pay for it only to find it’s off by 5mm and a component wont fit.

I would suggest finding another vertically mounted ITX GPU case and then modding it yourself (cutting out one side and replacing with glass, it’s really easy and cheap to size up and have glass custom cut):

But good luck and certainly post some pictures if you manage to get it done!

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check the Shuttle barebones for something in this direction… but probably w/o water cooling.

Nice, I really want an ITX build rather than my massive tower but the lack of USB posts usually puts me off, however that one has 6.

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