Designer for stairs


I work in a company in Norway that produces stairs for private and public spaces. At the moment we are looking into updating our company profile with a new website and marketing material.
We are looking for a designer who can make:

  • Life like pictures of rooms such as living room and hallway with our stair. See this link to another company who has fantastic 3D pictures.
  • We have 7 different stair models. We would like each model to have one main picture and 2 detail pictures.

If this is a project you find interesting please send us an email ( and show us a portfolio and if possible send us an estimate on the job.

Best regards
Marketing manager Trapper24

Ivan, you could look at if the work is ongoing. We have pro level freelancers who can accomplish this work for you.

Add multiple images

Hi Ivan, just to add to what Keith is saying (we are the Sloped founders), you can send either of us a personal message through this forum if you have any questions or would like to learn how to get a project started with us.