Deleting edges makes them hidden geometry, faces get duplicated

I’ve come across a situation in a file I’m working on where there’s a 20% chance that when deleting an edge, it doesn’t delete the edge but turns it into hidden geometry. Simultaneously, the same about 20% chance that faces get created two or three times. I don’t know what happened but I think it’s related to that I switched to the 2024 version. I think that the file is corrupted but I cannot confirm.

What are the steps you are using to delete the edges? Can you share the file?

it is with the erasor tool.
Loenhout Workfile . 04 17.skp (4.1 MB)

If you tap Shift while the Eraser tool is active the edges will be hidden instead of deleted. These edges in your model have been softened, not hidden. That would happen if you tapped Ctrl with Eraser active.
Screenshot - 4_17_2024 , 1_14_14 PM

Deleting the edges will also remove the faces they support. Do you want to remove the faces altogether? I selected the edge here and pressed the Delete key.

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